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Great eyebrows don't happen by chance

they happen by appointment

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Shading, also known as powder, is a technique of creating a shadow under your natural hair strokes using a specially designed machine that introduces ink in the surface layer of skin called dermis. Shading allows to achieve a perfect shape of your eyebrows by filling the gaps in your natural hair strokes with the desired intensity. It is exactly the art of appropriate intensity that creates a three-dimensional, natural look instead of flat and solid spot of ink on the skin.


Microblading is a technique of creating a hyper-realistic drawing of eyebrows using specially designed blade that consists of multiple, tiny, very sharp set of needles. Thanks to the manual, extremely precise gentle cuts, ink is being introduced in the surface layer of skin called dermis. These cuts create very thin lines that are almost identical to the natural hair strokes. The appropriate mix of pigments and specifically designed patterns blend in with the natural hair stokes creating perfect eyebrow.


Fusion is a combination of both techniques. Microblading creates a very realistic drawing of eyebrows thanks to thin hair strokes that blend in with the natural hair. Shading adds the three-dimensional effect thanks to which your eyebrows do not give an impression of being flat. Ink is introduced under surface layer of skin which is called dermis by special blade. Drawing is very precise and natural. In the next step, the shade is created by the machine to achieve natural, perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Some kisses...
are given with eyes!


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Bottom line is a very gentle liner on the bottom eyelid that is thickening your eyelashes giving a depth to your look. Bottom liner is usually an addition to delicate upper eyelid line and gives you very natural look.


If you are looking for a perfect eyeliner that will never smudge and stay beautiful even in the early morning, that is your solution. Thickness and the tip depends on the personal style. We will help you pick the right form matching your eyes and shape of your face.


If normal eyeliner is too rough for you why not trying our smokey line. This line has no defined edge. Instead it fades into your eyelid thanks to shading technique, which creates an effect of smudged eye shadow. The thickness depends on your personal style.


Two things should be beautiful in a girl:

her glance and lips

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Give your lips a fine definition that will gently blend into your natural color.  We create a perfect frame that will optically enlarge your lips and through shading gradually fade out towards the center. It gives very natural look, making your lips perfectly shaped and cut out.


With full color you will not only gain a perfect line, but also a fantastic color that will stay on your lips for a long time. From now on the only lipstick you might be caring is the nutrition balm to keep your lips healthy and beautiful.

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everything you need to know to be happy with your makeup for a long time


few more details


  • Before the treatment visualization is performed with the pencil. In eyebrows case shape is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion - phi 1,618. In order to successfully perform the treatment, skin must not be damaged or in any kind of regeneration process. In case of skin disease, seven days before the treatment client can use PhiTopic cream that will eliminate problems. Please contact us before in such case. 

  • In case of permanent makeup of lips it is necessary to take antiviral pills or creams against herpes at least 3 to 5 days prior to the treatment. Please visit local pharmacist or your doctor to find out what is the best medicine for you. Even if you never had herpes before it is absolutely essential to protect yourself and your future makeup, so you can stay happy with its result for a long time.

  • The treatment is intended for anyone over the age of 18. Persons under 18 years old who wants to correct the aesthetic problems of their eyebrows, must be accompanied by their parents. 

  • Pain during the treatment is relative. Scared clients usually feel stronger pain, while the others compare such pain with the one that they feel when plucking out their eyebrows. In addition, during menstrual cycle women have increased sensitivity to pain. It is possible to use light anesthetics, in the form of cream or liquid, to completely eliminate pain during the treatment.

  • Abrasive treatments such as peelings, fruit acids, chemical peels, laser treatments and similar should be avoided a month before the treatment. Also, one month before the treatment, botox or fillers should not be used. 


  • Pigment is applied in the surface layer of the skin, called dermis. In case of eyebrows color of pigment is determined according to the natural color of the eyebrows and hair. After healing, pigment can become several tones brighter compared to natural hair color. 

  • Eyebrows symmetry is calculated using PhiBrows application. It is calculated while the clients’ eyes are closed because in that way mimetic muscles that can affect eyebrows’ symmetry are relaxed. Pictures of visualizations, as well as all other important information, are stored for the future reference.

  • Treatment is done by using sterile, disposable tools and the best quality pigments from PhiBrows and Long-Time-Liner. Due to the fact that 10-15% of pigment disappears during healing process, obligatory second session (touch-up) is done 4 to 6 weeks after the first one. If the skin is problematic and oily, there might be a necessity of few touch-up sessions. 

  • Applied pigment is very dark during the first 5 to 7 days. After a week it loses up to 40% of its intensity. Under no circumstances try to fade the color yourself by peelings, rubbing off or any other strange treatments. Be patient, relax and let the skin go through the full healing process, which takes up to 7 weeks.

  • Retention of pigment depends mostly on the skin type. Oily skin has shorter pigment retention. Sweating and sun exposure also have a negative impact on the duration of your makeup. On average, expected time until next treatment should be between 10 to 12 months. For oily skin types it takes up to 6 months.



  • Post-treatment care contributes in majority to the total treatment success. Conscientiously stick and adhere to the given advice, otherwise you can lose up to 80% of your makeup. Rinsing and applying the cream is of great significance. 

  • Successful treatment depends on skin quality, post-treatment care and exposure to various external factors. Please remember - none of these factors are under artist’s control, thus providing any guarantee for the treatment is not possible.

  • If you have problematic skin, serious health issues, if you take certain medications or already have an old PMU please consult us before booking a visit.

  • First step in the healing procedure - half an hour after the treatment gently cleanse the area using PhiWipes without stretching the skin too much. Cleanse the skin until you find traces of pigment or colored lymph on the wipes in order to prevent formation of scabs. After that apply the skin candy cream which you received. Repeat these steps 3-5 times during the day.

  • In the next 6 days rinsing is not needed because lymph will not be coming out any longer. However, applying the cream is necessary 3-5 times daily. In case of extremely oily skin, the after care (rinsing and applying the cream) is recommended only on the first day. 

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